About Us

Adventurers, Motors Addicted, Visual Storytellers. 
We are the Cool Bus family, We are Pierpaolo, Domitilla, Fausto, Marco, Guglielmo,  Daniel and all the friends which help, join and support the School Bus Project in its adventures.
In 2015 We started dreaming of converting an American School Bus into home to travel Europe to our favorite Sport and Music events.
In June 2015 We Travelled to the States and bought from a School in Florida a nice Classic International School Bus with a 8300 engine. End of 2015 We had the School Bus parked in our yard. It took 12 full months of work to convert it into a Mobile house.
We did everything from scratches inside the Officine Vivaldi HQ.
We Travel for fun, We Race for fun, We love taking pictures and tell our story through Video and Social Media.
We are very proud to share all our adventures and behind the scenes with you all, Hope you enjoy it! #followthebus 

What We are Good at


1st place 





1st Place


Drag race


3rd Place 

Wheels & Waves


We have the best team in the world. 

Marco Campelli: Sport Photographer & Leica Ambassador

Andrea Caiola: Sport & Portrait Photographer 

Domitilla Quadrelli: Founder of Cool Bus & Passionate Ph

Video Making

We have on Board different Production Agencies which We cooperate for different kind of Travels:

Focus Pollution, headed by Marco Campelli

The BB's Way, headed by Luca Bellaro

Techply, Our Home-Made Video Company


Racing in Style

We travel Events and races in Europe, We take part to the Racing scene actively with our characteristic Vintage Style. 

Engine Building

Part of the We are Cool Bus Family is Marco Furiani, the fastest & most knowledgeable guy in Italy for Fast Engines. 


Trouble Making

We could have all stayed at home and keep doing what we were doing without complicating our own lives, but that's not fun as Travel the world with the School Bus. We do try to predict and manage every issue coming up, reality is We do have many issues with our old Engine and that's what adds Pepper to the journey.